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I was late picking up my dog due to a horrible traffic situation and Yvonne and Taylor waited well past closing time for me. They were fabulous!!!! Dr Singleton not only cleaned his teeth but she was able to save his two front teeth that we thought would have to be pulled. This is a great place for regular pet care and surgical procedures as well!
Jana T.

Absolutely worth the 35-40 minute drive from Palm Springs for exceptional health care for my pup. I was sick and tired of the long appointment windows and extremely high pricing at the Palm Springs VCA. Luckily I was able to find the Beaumont Animal Hospital to help keep my pup in great health. Highly recommended!

The wait for a walk in on a Sunday was long but the fact that they took a walk in on a SUNDAY and my dog was seen by a vet. Was amazing. I was out of there in less than 3 hours. That’s better than any E.R. I have ever been to.
Arrow B.

This was my first time here. let me tell you I live 40 mins away and this is hands down one of the best vet hospitals there is . They are super friendly and care about your little pet and don’t price gouge like some of the surrounding vets.
Lisa B.

Super friendly staff! They always make me feel welcome and help with any questions I might have.
Their prices are so low that I drive from the desert to use their office.
Because of covid, you do have to wait in your car and call when you arrive, but other than that, it’s very quick.
Eden M.

Very professional, efficient and affordable.I made an appointment and called to say I was there. I was brought an information card, completed it and within 15 minutes a technician came out and retrieved my dog. They gave him his shots and promptly returned him. It was my first time using their services and I definitely recommend them.

Melodie S.

Highly recommended very nice and caring. My chihuahua had a injury and because of Covid they don’t do walk in at the moment but they were able to get me in because someone canceled and took very good care of my baby thank you 💜🙏🏼
Stephanie N.

This veterinarian place was wonderful employees were friendly The doctor was friendly and courteous and explained everything about my English bulldog and yes, I will return for all my dog’s needs.
Mark Y.